Student Coached

All practices, including tryouts, are run by the captains and a student coach. The club consist of two teams and a practice squad, all of which are dynamic meaning you can be moved up or down at any point during the season at the discretion of the captains. The team does encourage suggestions throughout the year.

Student Funded

"Soccer is a matter of life and death, except more important" -Bill Shankly

The Texas Tech Men’s Soccer Club is a student-run organization which provides competitive soccer of the highest level at Texas Tech University. The team practices three times a week (Tuesday-Thursday) and competes every weekend to every other weekend in the Fall. While the team is very competitive school does come first.

Students are required to pay dues based on which team they make as well as participate in team fundraisers in order to pay for gear, league dues and travel. Payment plans are available upon request

All administrative compliance is handled by the elected officers. The University requires everything from paperwork to meeting attendance by the club's student officers.

Student Run